Tutorial - Create and manage a gateway using Azure VPN

Enter the host name or IP address of the remote connection in the IPsec Primary Gateway Name or Addressfield. 7 If the Remote VPN device supports more than one endpoint, you may optionally enter a second host name or IP address of the remote connection in the IPsec Secondary Gateway Name or … Your customer gateway device - AWS Site-to-Site VPN Multiple VPN connections using the same customer gateway device. You can create additional VPN connections from your on-premises location to other VPCs using the same customer gateway device. You can reuse the same customer gateway IP address for each of those VPN connections. anyconnect no assigned address - Cisco Community "The secure gateway has rejected the connection attempt. A new connection attempt to the same or another secure gateway is needed, which requires reauthentication. The following message was received from the secure gateway: No assigned address." Solved: secure Gateway has rejected the connect - Cisco

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IP Address - Enter IP address (same as the first public IP address shown under the (VPN Gateway) virtual network gateway properties) BGP Address and ASN - BGP address and ASN. These must be the same as one of the BGP peer IP addresses, and ASN from the VPN Gateway virtual network gateway that you configured in Step 1. In such cases, you can use an IP address for one of our servers, instead of it's standard hostname, which may allow you to connect normally. First, you'll need the hostname for the VPN gateway you'd like to connect to. You can find a full list of our available servers here (ex. US-East would be us-east.privateinternetaccess.com)

VPN Gateways. Setting up a virtual network is free of charge. However, we do charge for the VPN gateway that connects to on-premises and other virtual networks in Azure. This charge is based on the amount of time that gateway is provisioned and available.

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