We use a tool called Remote Desktop Commander to track the RDP Bandwidth consumption of our users. They offer a lite version of their tool that will show you bandwidth consumption by user session (very similar to TSAdmin), as well as a full data collection and reporting package in the suite version.

windows - Bandwidth sizing for simultaneous RDP sessions windows remote-desktop bandwidth rdp wide-area-network. share | improve this question | follow | asked Jun 22 '09 at 11:45. user10316 user10316. 1. Controlling the Bandwidth of Distribution Servers - Scope Distribution servers, that are located in remote offices, contact the Desktop Central server to replicate files. During the transfer of these files from the Desktop Central server to the distribution servers; the distribution servers use the maximum bandwidth that is available. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 10 AVC/H.264 improvements in 2. Configure H.264/AVC hardware encoding for Remote Desktop connections This policy lets you enable hardware encoding for AVC/H.264, when used in conjunction with the AVC444 mode. When enabled, each remote desktop monitor will use up one AVC/H.264 encoder on the server. How To Monitor Remote Desktop Services and RDP Performance

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Since it is graphically intensive by nature, the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) can utilize a great deal of bandwidth. Too many simultaneous Remote Desktop Sessions, especially across an organization’s firewall, can quickly consume a majority of available bandwidth, negatively impacting other traffic, such as VOIP calls and scheduled backup operations. Speed Up Remote Desktop Connections on Windows Jul 15, 2019 Remote Desktop Services Bandwidth - Microsoft Remote

Chrome Remote Desktop: Chromoting: Google 2011 2018, 70.0.3538.21 BSD Client, Proprietary Server Yes Yes CloudBerry Lab (CloudBerry Remote Assistant) Proprietary: CloudBerry Lab May 25, 2017 2018-08, 1.7.2 Proprietary: Yes Yes Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server/MetaFrame/WinFrame: RDP, ICA: Citrix Systems: 1995 2018-06-01, 7.18 Proprietary: No

How To Monitor Remote Desktop Services and RDP Performance Jan 10, 2017 Which is a better choice, a VPN or a remote desktop? Why A VPN and Remote Desktop solve two different problems — perhaps slightly overlapping but mostly distinct and frequently complimentary capabilities. 1. Remote Desktop (e.g., Microsoft RDP or VNC) let’s you sign on to a remote computer using the key Minimizing Remote Desktop Bandwidth Used - The Cloud