How to regenerate the recovery key, when FileVault is

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Jul 17, 2018

Bypass a FileVault Password at Startup By Rebooting From OS X: FileVault does a great job of protecting your Mac. Every time you boot up, it asks for your password. If you're troubleshooting or providing remote support, though, entering it every Do I Really Need FileVault? – MacMyths FileVault is a built-in encryption mechanism developed by Apple, and it encrypts all files on Mac’s startup disk. It is worth to enable the FileVault because this will prevent from accessing the user data in case if the MacBook is lost or stolen. And now, let’s go over the basics.

The FileVault settings are available in the macOS Endpoint protection policy. The steps below show where and how to create such a policy and what settings we can set. Sign-in to the Device Management Portal

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